Sue vs. Not Sue…

The new law in business is “general agreement.”

Roughly translated as “enforcement is more expensive than moving on with your life.”

An E.L. (aka Engagement Letter) is only enforceable to the point that one or both of the parties have the time and money to pay for the legal strength to push the argument in their favor..

Lawyers will likely make as much – or more – money in fees “arguing” than the damages sought by whichever person feels hurt the most.

If your E.L. was created and edited on the the internet and unreviewed by legal counsel before signed, your confidence in it being legally binding should be relatively low… super low.

Consider that if a judgment is made in your favor (should you make it that far in the process)…

If the decision by a judge or court of peers or a mediator or arbitrator decides it’s only worth 50% of what you expect… is it worth your time? Is it worth your money?

Here’s the million (or thousand) dollar question…

If 50% is ALL you get would you still spend your most valuable resource of time to get 50% of what you are owed?

See if this helps…

Before starting work for your next client, consider that an email Summary of Services doesn’t require a lawyer, it is a simple agreement that if NOT executed by each party it simply becomes invalid.

Both parties move on to sell their wares to the next person or buy services from another vendor.

Lawyers don’t need to be paid more than the original E.L. or contract to tell both parties to “forget about it.”

It might make more sense to just move on.

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